Nixie Watch Prototype C model FOR YOU

Introducing Model C, Nixie Tube Watch from Prototype Mechanics. Model C uses past technology engineered for the present with carefully crafted design and salvaged nixie tubes. This watch recycles classic technology into eye-catching treasure for anyone who wears it. This watch is for people with timeless style. Each watch is hand built in a factory in Lviv, Ukraine. Three years in the making, the engineers are ready to take the final prototype into full production. Prototype Mechanics works responsibly in selecting parts for production, using only top of the line products to build a watch that will last.

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about us

After much research in the market of pro-technology watches, co-creators Konstantin Khlevnoy and Alex Vyshnevkyy believe Model C’s unique style will rise to the top of the watch industry. Konstantin, based in San Diego, California and Alex is in Lviv,Ukraine. Both with a passion for old mechanics, and love for tech and design. We will keep backers up to date with production as goals are met. Prototype Mechanics believes in quality, handmade goods that gives a new life to old technology.

Technical specification

In-16 Nixie Tubes Func - Led / Minutes Aluminium Casing Func - Led / Hours(24H) Leather Bracelet Quartz Glass
  • Power: DC 3.7V rechargeable battery/ 2 batteries inside
  • Charging: 1-3 hours (Depending on the power source)
  • Battery life:
    • Active mode: Up to 1 week, presuming usage of 30-50 times per day.
    • Passive mode: Up to 7-14 days, presuming no active usage of the watch.
  • Features: HH-MM / Change on - off / Charge left/ Backlight

  • Dimensions: Width 50mm x Depth 19mm

  • Watch strap: Genuine leather (Black color)
  • Casing: Aluminum
  • Glass: High quality Quartz glass
  • Adjustments: Motion sensor
  • Water resistance: YES
  • Battery: Lithium-polymer, non-removable, 2 x 200mah Accuracy: +/- 1 second per month
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to +40°С / +12 to 105°F

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